Yesterday, am Metro New York (new merger between amNY and Metro) published an op-ed “Investing in the future of NYC’S workers” co-authored by Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (NY) and Jose Ortiz, NYCETC’s Executive Director, arguing that increased investments in employment and training programs by government and businesses are critical to ensuring that more people have career pathways into growing, living-wage jobs. This op-ed builds upon NYCETC’s testimony before the US Congressional Joint Economic Committee (JEC) at the “Connecting More People to Work” on November 20, which was chaired at the time by Congresswoman Maloney. 

The op-ed highlights the story of DeAsia Zellner, a Bronx resident who has built a flourishing career in healthcare with the training and support of STRIVE, a member of NYCETC. “We must do a better job of helping New Yorkers and Americans gain the skills needed to improve their lives and contribute to the economy,” said Maloney and Ortiz. “Nonprofit organizations are leading the way, and it’s time for more employers and government agencies to do their part.” 

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