NYCETC’s new Member Spotlight series in the NYC Workforce Weekly will introduce our readers to the wide variety of workforce programs and services that our members offer across the five boroughs. We are kicking this off by highlighting new members that have joined the Coalition in the last year. This week we focus on Talk Hiring.

At its core, Talk Hiring – an automated mock interviewing tool for workforce development programs – aims to enable people starting, changing or restarting careers to use their voice to land their dream job by helping workforce development programs grow their capacity and impact. It can offer programs’ job seekers unlimited interview practice that is remote, self-directed, across different industries, and convenient. After every mock interview, users get an email with their recordings and completely automated feedback on how to improve. The report includes feedback on rambling/conciseness, pace, volume, duration, filler words, and pauses, and whether their answer is lacking supporting examples. Workforce development practitioners can access a custom dashboard to track how participants use Talk Hiring and listen to completed mock interviews, as well as receive reports that help them quantify and track how Talk Hiring is improving interview responses to support a client’s interview skills development.

Talk Hiring is the brainchild of Founder and CEO Harris Osserman who, as a thriving software engineer, found himself feeling increasingly guilty as much of the tech industry was writing code to automate the jobs of others. After volunteering with a Brooklyn-based workforce development program in the winter of 2018, Harris blended his engineering skills with his newfound workforce knowledge to fill a technical gap he saw within the system. “Many participants of job training programs have limited or no access to computers with an internet connection. Some were skeptical about tools to download or create passwords for. Everyone was comfortable talking on the phone and texting,” said Harris Osserman. “I thought that if there was an extremely simple, low-tech product that had industry-relevant interview questions, the workforce development industry would be interested.”

In just two years, Talk Hiring has worked helped a wide variety of workforce partner programs – including Green City Force, The Marcy Lab School, Hopeworks, StepUp Durham and the Middlesex County One-Stop Center – to support their clients’ interview prep. The mock interviewing tool is developed specifically for workforce development programs and not for employers. Last year alone, the organization and its partners conducted mock interviews with 716 different people looking to improve their interviewing skills.

Talk Hiring is interested in partnering with workforce service providers who could benefit from offering such a tool to their clients. For ideas on how your organization can benefit from this tool, learn about the different ways workforce organizations such Braven, Dress for Success and KindWork have integrated Talk Hiring into their programming and the high improvement rates they’ve seen among their clients. To get a feel for a product (or to practice your own interviewing skills), check out the demo at If you are interested in learning more or trialing Talk Hiring with your workforce program, email Harris at

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