Every year, 150+ workforce providers, education institutions, + labor management organizations provide job training + employment training services to 800,000+ New Yorkers.

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Individual Members

Mandy Braun
Othniel Denis, Excellent Ones Consulting LLC
Jack Krauskopf, Baruch College, School of Public Affairs
Rae Linefsky, C3 Consulting
Kathleen Masters
Mark Misork, National Working Positive Coalition
Susanna Williams, BridgED Strategies

Our 2019 Membership Dues

NYC Organizational Budget
Over $250,000: $250
Over $500,000: $400
Over $1M: $700
Over $5M: $1,500
Over $10M: $2,000
Over $15M: $2,500
Over $20M: $3,000
Over $25M: $3,500
Associate Membership
Employers Partners: $1,000
Government Agency: $500
Non-Profit Intermediary: $500
Individual: $150

2019 Membership Dues

To pay via check, send a check to:
NYCETC c/o WeWork
110 Wall Street
New York, NY 10005


Know Any Partners That Would Benefit from NYCETC Membership?

Additionally, we will provide current members a 10% discount on dues for recruiting a new member to join NYCETC. Language on NYCETC and the benefits of membership can be provided upon request.


Interested in joining us, have questions or discuss member recruitment? Email agarneva@nycetc.org