Workforce Weekly – 07/25/2018

  • White House Executive Order Highlights Apprenticeships Again, But Still Tied to Cuts
  • GovGrader 2018 Survey Released
  • Funding Opportunity: Women in Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Occupations Grant Program
  • NYCETC 2018 Conference: Thank You to Early Partners and Supporters
  • NYCETC Members Jericho Project, St. Nicks Alliance & Osborne Association Named as Finalists to Nonprofit Excellence Awards
  • #FutureOfWorkers July 31 NYCETC event:¬†Gen Z and the Changing Nature of Work
    • NYCETC Summer Strategy Session: Focus Group for 2019 Workforce Policy Platform
    • In the News:¬†Stories & Reports for the Workforce Community
    • Job Openings Within Our Community + Programs and Events

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