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The @BuildSkillsNY team at @NYCETC_org 's 2018 conference “Innovative Solutions for an Equitable Workforce.” Truly inspiring and a great opportunity to engage with all our #workforcedevelopment partners and champions.

Now hearing about @BlueRidgeLabs from our friends @RobinHoodNYC. Their core values for building social impact tech: 1) Humans first - talk to people about what they need! 2) Redefine the room - build a diverse team 3) Do the Thing - learn by doing! #NYCETCconference2018

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. @NewWomenNY encourages networking and getting out there in the community to job search, instead of getting stuck behind a computer (where skills may not be as apparent.) #NYCETCConference2018

The New York City Employment and Training Coalition (NYCETC) supports the workforce development community to ensure that every New Yorker has access to the skills, training, + education needed to thrive in the local economy + that every business is able to maintain a highly skilled workforce.

Upward Mobility

Ensure that every New Yorker gains the skills needed to earn a meaningful income, and create a just and equitable society for every citizen of working age.

Human Capital

Build strong ties with the business community to invest in employment pathways that grow a diverse & expanded workforce in the new sustainable economy.

Strong Voice

Be the voice of a strong & diverse community of NYC providers & participants

Strong organizations

Strengthen organizations through peer-learning communities and shared resources

Strong Leaders

Attract & develop new leaders

Strong System

Build a cohesive system of innovative service delivery

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NYCETC 2018 Conference

NYCETC’s conference is the premier event of New York City’s workforce development community, bringing together over 300 national and local experts, employers, workforce professionals, government officials and funders for a day filled with information, idea Read more…

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