Appointment of Karen Ford as Executive Director of the Mayor’s Office of Nonprofit Services

The New York City Employment and Training Coalition is excited to congratulate Karen Ford on her appointment as the first Executive Director of the newly created Mayor’s Office of Nonprofit Services.

Karen is an experienced leader across sectors, most recently serving as Chief Operating Officer of NYCETC member HELP USA. We are confident that she will bring her awareness of the ongoing commitment that hundreds of nonprofit organizations across the City make to provide essential services and supports to New Yorkers. As she knows, it is the nonprofits, including our 200+ NYCETC members that are relied on to get stuff done. Now more than ever, we need to ensure that our nonprofits succeed so that the new New York succeeds.

Nonprofit organizations help place hundreds of workers on pathways to self-sufficiency and economic mobility while creating a measurable, exponentially positive return on investment. An NYCETC report recently revealed that City agencies represent the largest funding source for workforce development organizations and multi-service agencies. Our coalition leadership has been at the table to urge for reform in support of the nonprofit sector, including the creation of the Mayor’s Office of Nonprofit Services. This is a critical moment and opportunity for New York City to make the reforms necessary to reduce the burdens placed on providers and commit to the funding that is needed now and over time to ensure equity and prosperity. #JustPay