New York City Employment and Training Coalition Congratulates Maria Torres-Springer on Expanded Portfolio of Housing, Economic and Workforce Development

In response to the news that Deputy Mayor Maria Torres-Springer will take on an expanded portfolio to include Housing, Economic Development and Workforce Development, NYCETC released the following statement

“Deputy Mayor Torres-Springer is uniquely skilled to advance our City’s efforts to create and sustain inclusive growth because she understands that the breakthroughs needed to share prosperity go beyond better paying jobs.

The Deputy Mayor’s immediate intervention in relieving our unemployment crisis and affordability crisis could not be more prescient. The recent, “True Cost of Living” report identified housing as typically the single largest expense for families: 50% of all households are considered housing burdened – and 80% of households unable to meet their basic needs – are considered housing burdened.

We believe the Deputy Mayor will be successful given her dynamism and diligence, and we are looking forward to setting in motion the collective action strategies necessary to rev up local economic engines. We can work in tandem to accomplish this by maximizing train to hire opportunities, expanding the pool of affordable housing options for all New Yorkers and transforming NYC’s business districts to live-work-play spaces as identified in the Making New York Work for Everyone plan.


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About the New York City Employment and Training Coalition (NYCETC)

The NYC Employment & Training Coalition (NYCETC) works to ensure that every New Yorker — especially those who have been historically marginalized and disenfranchised and cut off from workforce opportunities — has access to the skills, training, and education needed to thrive in the local economy, and that every business is able to maintain a highly skilled workforce.