On Women’s History Month

As we continue to navigate the uncertainties and complexities of a post-pandemic New York, with its associated and near hourly hopeful moments and heartbreaking ones, it is essential for each of us reflect on both the immeasurable fortitude and decisiveness that our City’s women have demonstrated each and every time NYC has been confronted with crisis, and the compassion and courage that is put forward by our City’s women daily to confront the structural and systemic barriers to equality and inclusivity, access and opportunity. Specific to workplaces and wages – no matter the measures of progress over time – and the commitments in place in our City to achieve what is fair and equitable -women continue to earn less than men, women are more likely to experience poverty than men; women are underrepresented in numerous career paths essential to our City’s future. 

As we work to create collective impact as a coalition, and as colleagues, to advance work that maximizes access to good jobs, living wages, and the economic security and mobility of every New Yorker, we extend our gratitude to the women who guide and inspire us, elevate and advance us, push and protect us – no matter where it is that you have found your footing in our City’s workforce or where you seek to secure your footing – it is our shared responsibility to serve as your allies and partners. Any action or inaction that is not focused on putting women first is not good enough.

Our City will only thrive when women do.