Author: Stephanie Birmingham


On Women’s History Month

As we continue to navigate the uncertainties and complexities of a post-pandemic New York, with its associated and near hourly hopeful moments and heartbreaking ones, it is essential for each of us reflect on both the immeasurable fortitude and decisiveness that our City’s women have demonstrated each and every time NYC has been confronted with […]


What’s Going On! Labor Monday

Michelle Jackson, HSC; Greg Morris, NYCETC; and Maria Lizardo, NMIC are interviewed by Bob Hennelly.


Statement on Black History Month; For Jobs and Freedom

There is no shortage of dynamism among the members of our coalition. Regardless of the particular job title or communities served, the efforts to put New Yorkers on paths to work – no matter the starting point – are relentless and inspired. Embedded in these efforts – whether we call it out bluntly or now – […]