Committee on Higher Education

March 18, 2024

On March 18th, testifying to Committee Chair Eric Dinowitz were CUNY Executive Vice Chancellor and University Provost Wendy Hensel along with Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer Hector Batista. Both Hensel and Batista focused on the harm to the university of a $94.1 million reduction through cumulative city budget PEGs (Program to Eliminate the Gap)—a cut that represents 15 percent of New York City’s total contribution to CUNY’s budget. Among the programs impacted are K-16 partnerships with DOE, including major reductions to the Tutor Corps program; and the potential elimination of the Accelerate, Complete, Engage (ACE) program, a four-year version of CUNY’s nationally recognized ASAP initiative that has dramatically raised associate’s degree completion rates, as well as the CUNY Reconnect program to re-enroll New Yorkers who stopped out of CUNY. They also cited hundreds of unfilled vacancies at CUNY’s seven community colleges, from faculty positions to financial aid, admissions, advisement, and student support.

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