Learning Network Launch

March 13, 2024

Corporation for a Skilled Workforce (CSW) with support from The Pinkerton Foundation and in partnership with NYC Employment and Training Coalition, is launching the Workforce Benchmarking Network cohort in New York City. The cohort is a peer learning community that allows organizations to dive deep into program data to advance equity, improve outcomes, build staff capacity, and better articulate impact to funders.

This is an opportunity for up to 15 NYCETC members to participate in monthly activities that

  • Explore how to use qualitative and quantitative data to understand their impact beyond required programs measures.
  • Will equip you to identify gaps and opportunities within services and to make immediate and long-term strategic change.

This hour-long webinar, hosted by Corporation for a Skilled Workforce and NYCETC, will detail the WBN NYC opportunity, the benefits of participation, and the anticipated time commitment. Ample space will be allocated for Q & A.