Our Strategy

NYCETC leverages the power of our members and partners to create a stronger system.

Increase investment in workforce at the public policy level

Expand rapport with the Mayor’s administration
Frequent communication with City agencies, including The Mayor’s Office, NYC Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD), NYC Small Business Services (SBS), NYC Human Resources Administration (HRA), NYC Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), and NYC Office of Workforce Development to

  • Educate key members of Mayor de Blasio’s administration and explore new avenues for how to fully fund and implement workforce development programs and initiatives

  • Focus on key areas that will strengthen provider relationships with agencies and outcomes

Develop champions
Frequent communication with with local, state, and federal elected officials

  • Strategically align key issue areas championed by leaders to workforce

  • Provide overview of jobless numbers in leader districts

  • Introduce leaders to providers doing work on these issue areas within and/ outside of their districts

Testify at public hearings on key issues important to our community and members

Mobilize community
Frequent communication with with local, state, and federal elected officials

  • Storytelling through profiles of clients of providers via newsletter and social media channels

  • Engage the media by crafting joint op-eds in traditional nonprofit and new media sources

  • Hold demonstrations with grassroots organizations aligned to workforce via key issue areas

Increase employer engagement and develop stronger pipelines

Partner and host monthly roundtables with the business community

  • Assess evolving talent needs

  • Learn about their institutional hiring and upskilling practices

  • Strengthen and build support for their understanding of the role of job training programs in the development of the workforce

Meet with individual employers and employer intermediaries to advocate for stronger investment at the policy level

Foster connections between employers and quality workforce providers

Share best practices by providing the network of community-based organizations with exposure to providers and employers with innovative, outcomes-driven models

The Future of Workers
Programs to provide insight into the rapidly changing needs for talent in variety of growth sectors as well as sectors with sustained opportunity for New Yorkers

Workforce Development Partnership
Collaborate to ensure organizational strategic goals align with key workforce partners and the field

Landscape Mapping
Collect basic data from providers, including recruitment, training, retention, and employer data